Temptations from Devaki's

Welcome to Temptations from Devaki's

Block printing is a traditional printing technique which we have applied to create exclusive contemporary fabric and furnishings.

Temptations from Devaki's is a blockprinting workshop - unlike blockprinting factories where products are designed en mass, at this studio we take pride in creating exclusives – whether it be sarees, dress materials, designer blouse pieces, quilts or quilt covers!!

Traditional sarees & fabrics from various states in India are procured plain and converted into designer sarees with an ethnic yet contemporary look to them using blockprinting and/or hand embroidery.

Based in Bangalore but serving clientele who come from all over India and abroad as well, the main thrust of the studio has always been redesigning sarees for individual customers who come searching for them - sometimes with brand new sarees or fabric to work on.

Mostly, with old Kancheevaram or crepe sarees which have been pushed to the back of the cupboard - either as they are too bright, stained or the ladies are simply tired of wearing them plain.

Often customers are unable to recognize their own sarees due to the transformation the saree has undergone!